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News Release | Environment Missouri

Wind Energy in Missouri Cuts Global Warming Pollution

Coal- and natural gas-fired power plants pollute our air, are major contributors to global warming, and consume vast amounts of water—harming our rivers and lakes and leaving less water for other uses. Wind energy has none of these problems. It produces no air pollution, makes no contribution to global warming, and uses no water.

News Release | Environment Missouri Research and Policy Center

Every Missouri County Hit By At Least One Recent Weather Disaster; New Report Says Global Warming to Bring More Extreme Weather

This morning, Environment Missouri released a new report, "In the Path of the Storm." After a year that saw many parts of the country hit by scorching heat, devastating wildfires, severe storms and record flooding, the report documents how global warming could lead to certain extreme weather events becoming even more common or more severe in the future. The report found that, already, every county in Missouri has been hit by at least one federally declared weather-related disaster since 2006.